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Gati Cargo Packers and Movers is the foremost packing and moving industry that provides packing and moving services, domestic and international transportation, storage facilities, vehicles transportation to customers and clients

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A Complete One-Stop Solution For All Your Needs

Gati Packers and Movers in Kolkata offer a wide range of packing and moving services, home moving, corporate relocation, vehicle and bicycle transportation, local moving, warehousing services, office moving, international relocation.

A total one-stop organization! Gati Movers and Packers in Kolkata stuck to a severe set of rules and worked at the best expectations of value. Our Transportation Trucks carry the latest technology equipment to assist with shipping your things most securely and proficiently.

For our purposes, no business is huge or little. You can depend on us. Anything you desire to relocate, move or shift starting with one area then onto the next, furniture and home or you need to move a whole office set up. Our group of very experienced experts will help you at all phases of moving. As we comprehend the intricacies of moving assets starting with one spot then onto the next. We comprehend the pressure engaged while relocating, Gati Cargo Packers and Movers are focused on planning each migration down to its minute details. Our authorization furnishes clients with an inward feeling of harmony. Our experts are prepared to ensure that your things and articles are moved with absolute attention to detail. They are exceptionally proficient in moving articles and things through stairways, entryways, corners, or some other obstructions.

We Value The Feedbacks Of Our Customer

Our adherence to severe quality principles, which are liable to reviewing and best work rehearses, makes us a dependable name in the Packing and Moving industry. Our services are cost-effective also along with sticking to high-level quality standards. Packing materials utilized by us keep your assets dry, liberated from dampness, and safeguard them from dust. Our costs are the most incredible in the business, with no secret expenses. Packer and Movers level of care and consideration regarding details gives clients security, reasonable, and peaceful migration. We urge you to become a partner in this successful journey.

Gati Cargo Packers and Movers accept that our standing and growth are a result of our valued clients. We are prepared all of the time to stand by listening to the ideas and criticism from our clients, which will assist us with further developing our services effectively further. With Gati Cargo Packers and Movers well-established organization of offices and branches the nation over, Gati Movers and Packers can offer types of assistance in every side of the country. We have confidence in offering types of assistance that will leave a durable engraving on our clients. Our valuing, professionalism, completely prepared staff, absolute and complete 24×7 help, immense industry experience make us the most favored specialist co-op in this field. What are you sitting tight for, simply reach us and keep your things prepared to move? Our group will show up to pack, load, and carry them to your new destination. Simply unwind and allow us to make your moving day thoroughly peaceful.


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No Worry! We Have The Best Solution For Your Relocation Projects

Relocation is ought to be the toughest job for individuals from the old century. As we are experts in this particular field we finalize the customized strategy according to the particular needs of the customer. As Gati Cargo packers and movers, we work on easing the process of the relocation so that you can move out from one location to another with comfort.

We are the best packers and movers in Kolkata specially target on handling the logistics part smoothly so that there is no resistance while moving your belongings. You have to be assured of your belongings now as we are taking care of your items.

Gati Cargo packers and movers reputation have grown up after their successful endeavors and we have become the most reliable packers movers in the city and not to forget in the country also. We have the best experienced and qualified experts in this field in our staff who are responsible for handling all your stuff. So you don’t have to look at our team members twice. We have a team who knows their work greatly and have been doing this for so long. Every house shifting service is done to suit the customer’s particular needs. It would be right to call us professional movers and packers. Here are the key reasons as to why you should opt for our services.

  • We as trusted packers and movers company will furnish you with a written assurance of on-time delivery, as chosen dependent on the document. In case there is a postponement from their end, the customer can guarantee for misfortunes.
  • Once you have acquired our packers and movers services, there will be a committed group of packers at your home. This group would move with your belongings and deliver them to your new home.
  • We should provide you with the misfortune and damage policy in advance for you to choose from picking them as your specialist organization.
  • We will also provide you with an option of insurance cover in case any misfortune happens to your belongings. After the policy, you will be compensated in case of any unforeseen circumstances.
  • It is the obligation of our group to guarantee you are around when the movables are being packed and weighed.
  • We as a responsible company always provide information about the team to the individual which we will send to the house. We ought to provide you with the name, contact subtleties, and other fundamental data about the group. When they contact you, guarantee that you should check their respective identity cards slowly and precisely and cross-check them with the data you were given by our company.
  • Our company must enable you with an option of tracking down your assets. This way you would know the specific area of your belongings and make certain with regards to them being protected.
  • As a specialist organization, we always give different payment choices including cash, charge/Mastercard, versatile wallets, among others.

Why Choose Us As A Partner In Your Journey

Several things Which makes us Different from others

  1. We are a dependable
  2. We can ship your products in parts… If in the case your home isn’t prepared
  3. We’re right now working in this field since 2005 in the packers movers business.
  4. We are aware of the ins-outs of the business that in movers and packers.
  5. We comprehend the client’s needs.
  6. We’ve fitted tools and technology as per Customer prerequisites.
  7. Our Professionals are prepared to deal with your items and family assets with the greatest possible level of alert, which has helped us in keeping a magnificent history in the Movers and Packers industry.

We have an equipped group

Our group is capable and furthermore has tremendous information and experience of each task management. This empowers us to meet up to your expectations in the most favourable way and within the specified period. Our colleagues know how to communicate in the local language as well as Hindi and English, to coordinate well with the clients and the unified businesses.

  • Precision, security and timeliness.
  • Avoid pilferage/robbery through fixing and locking frameworks.
  • Protects from downpour/dust/sun.
  • No harm to items.
  • Door to Door Services.
  • Quality Service At Reasonable costs.
  • 24 long stretches of Customer care.
  • Guaranteed delivery within the deadline.
  • Personalized packing and moving services.
  • Efficient and committed staff.


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Benefits Of Our Relocation Services

⇒ Better Management Of Time

At the point when you have your own business, your attention should be on your organization so that it can attain as much success as possible. Investing time in getting together offices, records, equipment, and so on takes away a huge amount of time from the everyday acts of doing business. Proficient relocation organizations permit you to utilize your time by dealing with the logistics involved in the moving process while you do what you specialize in… work.

⇒ Professionalism

With the eventual result of better utilization of time, if you are willing to move house from one location to another at any point in time in life, you realize how long it requires to pack your furnishings and belongings. Packing and moving a company’s office is substantially much more detailed. Corporate relocation services are far additionally capable of moving workplaces starting with one area then onto the next. This is their job and they know how to handle this thing effectively.

⇒ Additional Safety Factor

Moving includes lifting weighty boxes, furniture, and gear. Assuming one of your employees is harmed while moving, not only would you be able to conceivably wind up paying an employee compensation claim but also your worker might not be able to work for quite a while. Proficient relocation management companies are prepared movers who know how to move weighty things securely. Working with them kills any danger to you and your business. In addition, you don’t have to pay hefty claims associated with the employee if he’s injured.

⇒ Eliminates Risk Of Danger

The security of your staff is vital, and the equivalent goes for your office furniture and hardware. The last thing you don’t need during a movement is to have costly property or equipment harm. Working with a relocation organization trusted by trustworthy businesses ensures that there is very minimal damage caused to your belongings.

⇒ Cost-Effective

This is the main benefit of working with professional packers and movers. Indeed there is a cost included however when you think about the time it might take you and your employees to pack and move, the pressure engaged with moving, and the downside of not having enough time to lead business, working with proficient relocators is significantly more cost-effective than hiring employees or choosing yourself for the relocation task.

1. What are the benefits of hiring a company like Gati Packers And Movers in Kolkata?

The main advantage that packing and moving organizations give is an affirmation that they will convey your things and regardless of whether some wickedness happens, it is their obligation. These organizations ensure security to your products. It will likewise help in lessening your piece of work assuming that the migration is finished by certain specialists. Alongside this large number of advantages, they additionally know the right technique and systems for actually moving the assets. In general, putting resources into packing and moving services is smart as it likewise accelerates the most common process of relocation.

2. Does Gati Cargo Packers and Movers provide any insurance in case of a mishap to the product?

Yes, Gati Cargo Packers and Movers do provide you with the mischief and damage policy beforehand in case any damage happens to your belongings while moving and packing the belongings from one location to another. This is the best thing about the packers and movers companies as they provide the insurance cover beforehand so that they can compensate in case of any unforeseen circumstances.

3. What are the customer's responsibilities during the whole process?

There is no such hectic work for a customer to do as all the processes of packing and moving out will be handled by the company itself. The customer only has to ensure that they provide the documents like transfer letter or joining letter and copy of RC book for your vehicle moving.

4. Are they charged heavily for their services?

No, you will be quite surprised to know that the charges of Gati Cargo Packers and Movers are very standard that usually all packers and movers take in India. There is no such extra charge you have to bear with the quality of service we provide. We only aim at doing the work of our customers in a minimal time.

5. What services do they provide along with packing and moving services?

The services which we give to our clients are Household relocation services, Car movement services, Office relocation services, Hotel moving services, Transport services, Warehouse and capacity services, Packaging and moving services, International movement services and Insurance services. We regularly manage a wide range of movements that an individual faces and we endeavour to make their work more straightforward.